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Sherlock, Crédit Lyonnais

Sherlock Crédit Lyonnais

Crystale de Collagena has adopted Sherlock’s, the solution of secured payment by Credit Lyonnais LCL which allows settling purchases via Visa and Mastercard.

When confirming an order in our website, you are automatically redirected in the Credit Lyonnais LCL’s website to an address starting by A little padlock also appears at the bottom of your browser.

We have chosen this solution to ensure you security and confidentiality for all your transactions.

Indeed, our website never asks you, at no time, you card number and your bank informations will not be saved in our banking partner’s servers. That the reason it is asked at each new order in our website.

Your payments are crypted and are directly done with Crédit Lyonnais LCL’s computer servers. Any informations exchanged to treat your payment are crypted with the SSL protocol (Secure Socket Layer) and your datas cannot be detected, intercepted, or used by anyone.

More informations on Sherlock’s:

Visa 3D-Secure

Visa 3D-Secure

To fight the use of stolen or improper cards, we have chosen the 3D Secure program established by Visa (Verified by Visa) and Mastercard (MasterCard SecureCode).

3D system allows you to be linked with your bank so that it can authenticate you before debit your credit card. The authentication method depends of your bank. It can be a confidential code, a number send by text message on your phone device, or an input of personal information like your birth date.

This authentication allows to check that the credit card is truly used by its legitimate owner.

If you don’t fill this information, your payment could not by taken and we will not be able to send you your order.

More information on 3D-Secure: